HEN one day,


to our a▓mazement, Sam Galant came with▓

two ho


rses which he had brou▓ght back safe all the

way from● Virginia! They were thin and

so was he, but▓ it was a wonderful feat, wi▓thout money and without food, at● a time when the soldiers returning home o▓n foot were desperate for a hor▓se to till and cultivate the little farms to ●which they were retu

rning empty-handed.How ●was it possible for Sam

to escap▓e


capture by some of th

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leaving Mr.Wells standing ▓on his feet unhurt.“Sam, a horse,”● he called,{251} and, according to Sam’s ●tale, he stepp

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ed up instantly with a fresh ho▓rse, Mr.Wells mounted and was gone.Sam ▓concluded: “Yes, ma’am, Mr.Wells▓ is the bravest man in the world, I believe.● He neber mind de shell busting all ’r▓ound him, en

12 years

I was dere

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right ●alongside hi

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m, ready to his ha

n’.” Oh, ●if I had only got Sam to com

e and tell it all to▓ me quietly long afterward, so that I could w●rite

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it down as I did Daddy Ancrum’s st▓ory! But Sam was comparativel▓y young, some years younger than myself●, and I always thought there was time▓.I never thought of his dying. One da●y a messenger arrived

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from the plant▓ation to m

amma, with a badly scribbl▓ed line on brown paper: “Miss, cum qu▓ick, dem de ’stribute ebry t▓ing.” Mamma questioned the boy.He sa●id the people had gone wild, that “a Capting▓ from de Yankee A’my kum en a kerridge en tel▓l de people dem is free en ebry ●ting belongst to dem.No wite peeple ’ill n●eber jum back, en den him ’stribute ebery ting.▓” Mamma told Daddy Aleck to have th●e carriage ready early th

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